A vacation club close to São Paulo that's perfect for you!

Enjoy all the benefits for the whole family in a variety of hotels around the world.


A vacation program to call your own, with the best benefits and incredible experiences for the whole family!

How about a guaranteed vacation not only at one of the best resorts in Brazil, but also at a network of hotels and resorts around the world? Become a member of the Royal Palm Vacation Club and discover a world of experiences and benefits! Here's how it works: your family acquires a number of points that allow you to stay at our Royal Palm Plaza Resort and at destinations in the RCI network, guaranteeing your vacation in a surprising destination every time you travel and with much more savings and flexibility. And there's more! Members have access to exclusive discounts and can enjoy their dream vacation with the best cost-benefit ratio and the peace of mind that only Vacation Club can provide.


RCI Exchange System, the different way to travel

With more than 4,200 hotel and resort options in over 100 countries, RCI - Resorts Condominium International, the world leader in vacation exchange, offers the possibility of exchanging weeks of accommodation at one resort for several other options affiliated with the network.

It's the best partner for Royal Palm Vacation Club members to take their dream vacations to amazing national and international destinations, through the exchange of weeks. It's simple: you exchange your week purchased at the Royal Palm Plaza and can travel to the various options available at RCI!

Discover a new way to experience your travels, all in one place with the best offers and benefits!


See the stories of Vacation Club members and be amazed!


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