The resort offers its clients a range of services to provide greater convenience for their guests. Check out these services below:



Parking Lot

The hotel has its own Valet Parking. The service is performed in partnership with MultiPark, the prominent company among industry leaders, with striking presence nationwide.


The Royal Palm Plaza has a private heliport in their customers disposal for arrivals and departures of its guests in a quiet and safely way. Air coordinates – Check out the coordinates for landing: 22° 56 08″S/ 47° 04 18″ W

Business Center

The Royal Palm Resort Business Center is located in The Palms, along with the boardrooms. It has complete infrastructure, with computers, printers, copiers, fax, and a series of equipment available 24h a day.


We have several stores and services for your convenience including:

-Amsterdam Sauer
– Contém Brasil
– Multipark
– R1 Solutions
– Royal Palm Store
– Hotel Frame – Photoservice




In the “Nossa Senhora da Conceição” (Patroness of Campinas and Portugal) chapel small wedding ceremonies, baptisms and mass are performed every Sunday. The image of “São Judas Tadeu” was donated to the chapel as a form of paying a vow from a guest who had success in his professional life.


Here you can always be connected! Throughout the resort, the access to wi -fi is free and can be accessed 24 hours a day during your stay. If you need an even faster connection , this can be contracted.


One of the most renowned salons in Campinas, located exclusively within the Royal Palm Plaza.
Trained in the most renowned and reputable beauty schools, the L’Ellit team combines professional techniques with excellent service , prioritizing the satisfaction and well-being of their clients.
With a full and varied ranges of treatments, the salon has hairdressers, makeup artists, manicurists and beauticians for men and women to enjoy with great quality and comfort.
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 09h to 21h and Sunday from 09h to 15h.
Information and reservations: (19) 21175537


The Guest Service Department of the Royal Palm Plaza Hotels & Resorts is available to assist you in creating the most memorable experiences. We have a qualified team to serve you in various types of services such as: airport transfers, babysitter requests, helipad services, restaurants reservations, city tours, special recommendations, floral arrangements and more.
If you already have a reservation at our hotel and require any of our services, please contact us at: or by phone: +55 19 2117-8000 – extension 620.

Baby Room

To prepare bottle and baby food, the Royal Palm Plaza Resort features two spaces (Copa do bebê) equipped with refrigerator, electric stove and microwave, plus all the necessary utensils. The baby rooms are located: Azalea Building: 24h every day. It offers fruit, milk, chocolate drink and soup of the day. The Palms: 24h every day. It offers fruit, milk, chocolate drink  and soup of the day. Miniville: open from 11h to 21h every day. For packages, this time is extended  to 24 hours.

Baby Sitter

A babysitting service is provided by a third party company  that focusses on the welfare of children and the tranquility of  parents. This service can be contracted from the Guest Service sector 48 hours in advance: by email or phone (19) 2117 to 8000 – extension 620.