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The Royal Palm Resort leisure area is complete with 7 pools, multisport gymnasium, 4 tennis courts, saunas, fitness center, movie theater, library, TV room, water play area and two themed areas: Miniville and Kata Kuka.





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Swimming Pools

Visit the pools in the resort, which were especially conceived so you could get even more out of your leisure moments. Seven different refreshing options so the entire family can enjoy a day in the sun together! Four heated pools with areas for fun and rest, two children’s pools with water jets, swings and slides and an outdoor Jacuzzi.


An incredible journey to fantasyland waiting for children. At Miniville, a themed and enchanted world, with charismatic characters making children from 3 through 6 happy and enchanting the entire family! Your children can visit Fofa Flor’s home, Commander Átila’s ship or Captain Currupaco Paco’s galleon.

Kata Kuka Game

Kata Kuka is one of the major attractions at the Royal Palm Plaza Resort Campinas! Ensuring a hurricane of emotions for those who enjoy challenges and a lot of adrenaline for the entire family! This mysterious place houses a terrible curse and only those who are brave enough to adventure themselves through the mysterious paths can bring back peace to Kata Kuka. For children over 1.30 m tall, includes labyrinths, climbing wall, tree climbing and zip line.


*Extra charges apply, may be purchased during stay. Check operating days and hours.

Soccer Field

A total of 1,200 m2 of green grass field, the Society Soccer Field is used for games, as well as corporate events. Including two bleachers for approximately 30 people, thus ensuring that the entire family can be a part of the activity, be it by cheering on the players or by playing! In addition to the bleachers, the field in the Campinas resort is equipped with women’s and men’s locker rooms with individual showers.


The hotel offers balls and vests for all guests.


With specialized equipment, four targets and trained monitors, you and your family can practice hitting the bullseye with your bow and arrow at the Royal Palm Plaza Resort Campinas. Hitting the bullseye of fun.

Tennis Court

The Royal Palm Resort Campinas has four tennis courts; each one has 643m² with all the facilities for tennis players. The hotel offers rackets and tennis balls for guests, in addition to the recreation team who is always ready to play with you and your family.


The multicourt gymnasium in the resort is covered and has 730m². It also has air conditioning and bleachers for 270 people providing the ideal arena for sports games such as: indoor soccer, basketball, volleyball, scavenger hunts and corporate events. The gymnasium also has two basketball hoops with adjustable height, translating into fun for the entire family.

Aflora SPA

A calm and complete ambient so you can have some alone time and discover how good it is to feel life under your skin. Here you can get closer to your body and mind and reflect all that wellness in everything around you.


Learn more about our SPA treatments and relaxation during your stay in Campinas!

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Health Club

The Royal Palm Resort Campinas counts on generous fitness center facilities. The Johnson brand equipment, Matrix line, have the most modern technology and bold design. The treadmills, bicycles and ellipticals have their own LCD screens with all NET cable TV channels providing utmost comfort for our guests.

Movie theater and TV Room

The Lumini area is an amphitheater with 70 seats including audiovisual equipment and high quality videoconferencing equipment. It is also the resort’s movie theater, with evening sessions and afternoon sessions on weekends for the entire family